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Judgement of character is necessary in order to function properly as an executive search agency: we are truly interested in people, both from the perspective of the client and from the perspective of the candidate. This constitutes the basis of our success to unite a client and a candidate with each other.




dummy-sfeerbeeld.pngWe can put ourselves in the position of our client, but also in that of the candidate. Backerstaete looks for motives, strength and issues for improvement of man and organisation. We know which interests are at stake and which risks can be run by both sides. Therefore we counsel the organisation and candidate carefully during the complete course, provide focus where necessary, and manage the expectations not only of the moment, but also for a longer period of time.



Branche knowledge

Our consultants originate from the field. They have a broad experience themselves in the financial, banking or legal sectors. The consultants speak the language of the client and the candidate, and they know what is expected from them. Their knowledge and experience is applied in order to unite the client and the candidate.




match.jpgFor us there can only be a match if we really have the feeling that an enduring relationship will be created between the organisation and the candidate, not only now but for a longer period of time. Organisation and candidate will have to be able to grow together. Only then will we bring client and candidate into contact with each other and/or professionalise them.



Enduring relationship

If you know each other well, you infallibly feel what the other expects of you. Even more: this enables you to exceed the expectations of the other.
As an enduring partner Backerstaete helps to extend the organisation of the client.



Quality and speed

snelheid.jpg'Better today than tomorrow' has meanwhile become the standard that the client asks from us with regard to introducing and placing candidates in the executive search course. Backerstaete offers you efficient services in which speed and quality are guaranteed. As recruitment and executive search specialists Backerstaete has an extensive database at its disposal and, more importantly, a network and a research department that continuously map the labour market in detail.



Process monitoring

We look after the rules of the game. The duration of the procedure and a thorough feedback of the discussion also decide the good outcome of the executive search course. We look after the interests of the client and the candidate, and in this way limit the risk of unnecessary failures. Backerstaete can do a lot, but close collaboration with the client is necessary in order to provide quality, and also define the extent of success.


Rules of the game

  • Backerstaete only works by assignment of professional organisations and not by assignment of candidates.

  • Backerstaete operates independently, and only accepts assignments which we think we can successfully complete.

  • Backerstaete is sound and meticulous; without permission no information on client or candidates is provided to third-parties.

  • Backerstaete will not approach employees of a business with which an exclusive assignment was concluded until at least one year after the end of the last placement.

  • If employees of a client approach Backerstaete by themselves on a current assignment, we are authorised to include this employee in the application procedure.