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Wij werken voor banken, verzekeraars, vermogensbeheerders, pensioenfondsen, private equity investors, accountantskantoren, advocatenkantoren alsmede (inter)nationale bedrijven en instellingen. Ik nodig u van harte uit voor een nadere kennismaking met ons en onze werkwijze.



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In summary, the responsibilities of the Senior Risk Manager will involve:

  • Manage part of the group-wide model validation program, including coordination with local model validation teams as appropriate. Actively monitor progress against plan.
  • Act as review leader for group-led model validations, and report key findings to the Model Validation Committee and other senior management as appropriate. Provide recommendations for improvement to model owners.
  • Support the further development and maintenance of the company’s model validation policy and standards of practice, including standards for model development and testing.
  • Provide support for the application of the model validation standards and provide expertise when needed to model owners and model engineers.
  • Provide technical expertise for ERM assurance reviews across the organization, especially in the fields of underwriting risk and financial risk. Report findings to senior management.


The Senior Risk Manager will have to travel for a few weeks per year to undertake onsite fieldwork.


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The Group Risk department of our client, seeks a highly professional and experienced professional to support the Risk and Capital Reporting team. The Risk and Capital Reporting team consists of actuarial and financial professionals that form a multi-disciplinary team assembled to ensure timely and high quality risk and capital reporting. The multi-disciplinary team is led by a finance professional who gives the team day-to-day leadership in the execution of the team’s core responsibilities. The candidate has a hierarchical reporting line to the Corporate Actuary who is responsible for the individual’s actuarial career development. Candidates are expected to rotate between URM and FRM departments to support the development of underwriting and financial risk management and subsequent measurement across different the reporting paradigms. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Quarterly aggregation, review, analysis and reporting of (Solvency I ) capital results
  • Quarterly review, analysis and reporting of operational free cash flow results
  • Develop and strengthen understanding and improve analysis of (Solvency I) capital position and operational free cash flows
  • Quarterly aggregation, review, analysis and reporting of risk specific reports, working with IFRS and MVN/Sol II teams as a source for review and analysis for these respective paradigms, and focusing on consistency of results across the individual paradigms
  • Annual review of Solvency I results produced through MTP process
  • Working with Solvency I stakeholders in Treasury to ensure appropriate information is collected and reported
  • Working with country units to ensure that appropriate Solvency I information is collected and aggregated
  • Support Group Risk model validation team on specific validation tasks
  • Support M&A activities with actuarial analysis
  • Manage 1 Risk Manager Capital and Risk Reporting


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The Financial Risk management department of our client seeks a Risk Manager to support the Risk Officer and Senior Risk Manager in the control of the group financial risks and support of the different business units with financial risk management.


The responsibilities will involve

  • Support the maintenance of the group wide financial risk policies, global standards for ALM and investment mandate setting
  • Support the methodology for financial risk measurement
  • Liaise with the different business units and identify best practices in financial risk management on selected topics
  • Support local business units in analyzing financial risks in asset and product portfolio
  • Participate in model validations of financial risk models across the company
  • Contribute to international project teams on FRM related topics
  • Act as first line of expertise to local risk management departments on FRM related topics



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